Meet the Seller: Robyn Besley, 59 Majestic Outlook, Seven Hills Qld 4170

Meet the Seller: Robyn Besley, 59 Majestic Outlook, Seven Hills Qld 4170


I first met Robyn when I was selling her brother’s home at Swann Road, St Lucia many years ago. Later I got to sell for Ted, one of her sons, not once but twice.   I have been blown away by her and her family’s welcoming nature and trust.

I’ll let Robyn tell us in her own words what this house means to her.


Tell us a bit about yourself, what you used to do, any interesting info about yourself.

I am a retired teacher, worked in Brisbane, UK and Shanghai, China and lived overseas – UK, USA, China – for a number of years. Brisbane is home.


What year was the house built and who was it built for?

It was built in 1994 for John and Robyn Besley as an investment property.


I understand that your second son, Peter, designed and worked with two others to build the home.  How significant is this for you?

Yes, very significant. Three men built the house. Peter was the architect and Stephan Godstone, Peter Besley and Tony Eichman, the builders. Peter is my second son, Steve is my son-in-law and Tony is a friend. The quality of the work is outstanding and obvious to the eye wherever you look.


Tell us a bit about Peter as we understand that he is an award- winning architect with local, national and international experience.

Yes. Peter  has worked in Australia, UK and the Middle East. He has won a number of significant international prizes in each place as noted in ‘Architecture Australia’ magazine, May – June 2021. Since returning to Australia, Peter and Jessica Spresser have won 2 international projects in Sydney and Canberra.


What has this home meant to you and what do you enjoy most about living here?

No. 59 Majestic Outlook is known in the street as ‘the tree house’. Living in this leafy environment is a joy. It is part of a wonderful community of neighbours and friends. It has a children’s playground at the top of the drive, Seven Hills Primary in walking distance. It has easy access to buses and trains and is only 6.6km from the CBD.

‘The Corso’ is a vibrant little centre at my door – doctors, dentist, coffee shop, Thai restaurant and garage.


Since you’ve been here, how has the suburb changed?

Naturally, a new generation is taking over Seven Hills. The local primary and secondary schools are booming and the building of large new houses, renovated and extended older houses, is everywhere. Many trees have been lost during this process.


What are some of your favourite things to do in Seven Hills?

Enjoying time in this lovely leafy neighbourhood,with family,friends and neighours. Yet being so close to the city, Working with Habitat Brisbane to maintain the 1925 Historic Pathways and the Majestic Isis Habitat site. Walking in the Seven Hills Bushland on Darcy Road, enjoying Oxford Street, Bulimba with its restaurants, cinema and access to the City Cats.


Any wise of words of wisdom that can inspire others or words that you live by?

How fortunate I have been to live 23 years in Seven Hills. Enjoying and protecting our natural environment is our greatest priority. Enjoy!  No. 59 is unique and so is Seven Hills.