When it comes to selling a property, there are many considerations for a seller to take into account. In most cases, the goal is to sell the property for the highest price in the shortest time possible. Sellers usually think that the agent who charges the lowest or the least in terms of commission andRead more

I often speak with property owners who want to sell an investment property whilst it is tenanted as they wish to continue to receive rental income while the property is on the market for sale. A property for sale with tenants who have a lease in place, may not be an attractive purchase for buyersRead more

This is a question that agents get asked often from different parties with their own respective interests. This is a pricing question that is the Pandora’s box in real estate, a loaded question if ever there is one. The question can be difficult to answer because there are numbers (sale prices), location, type of houseRead more

Many years ago, it was usual to find “DIY” legal kits for sale in news agencies relating to wills and other important matters. For those of you who don’t know, conveyancing in Queensland is complex. It is not a simple matter as some would think. For those who think they can do their own conveyancing,Read more