Concern over Hartley Street Development Proposal

Concern over Hartley Street Development Proposal


There is a 13 storey Wyndham timeshare hotel & residential apartment complex proposed for the land at 24 – 30 Hartley Street and McConnell Street, Spring Hill. For more details,


Not so long a go, I attended a resident action group to discuss the impact of the proposed development not only on the surrounding homes but on Spring Hill as a whole.

There is no doubt that this proposal is a test case for residences adjoining mixed use zones as outlined in the Spring Hill Neighbourhood Plan.

If this is approved by Council, then there is no doubt that this will most likely result in a decline in residential property values adjoining mixed use precincts in Spring Hill.

A local resident has provided an recent update on this development:

This is an update on the development application for 24 Hartley Street. The DA was lodged as a 13-storey timeshare hotel but it was described in documents provided later the Council as student accommodation.

You’d be aware that the original deadline for the DA for assessment was late last year.  The developer sought and was granted an extension to the deadline to April 27th (last Monday).
Clearly, the deadline was not met and a letter was uploaded to PD online a day or so later in which the developer sought and was granted another extension – this time until the end of this month (May).

It appears that it is expected that the developer will submit new plans – as the previous ones did not comply with the City Plan in a great many ways (e.g. Mixed- Use Zone, traffic impact, inadequate setbacks and landscaping).

Once the DA has been received the council will have 25 business days to respond to the developer’s revised application.  This time it must give a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response.

Our local Body Corporates once again are generously funding planning expertise should we need to draw on it.

For more details about this development, check out: