He seemed calm and collected, matter of factly when he called, “Jonzun, I would like to talk to you sometime next week.”

Ron* is a person that I have spoken to over many years (like many others in the area) and was now looking to relocate down south as his children had left home some years ago.

He wanted a “sea change” and had seen a few properties online that fit his requirements.

As we sat down at his dining table, he said “Jonzun, I’ll be honest with you.  I know you, I like you and I trust you but…there’s a big but…”

He went on “There’s this other company and they sell a lot of properties in the area, in fact the most properties.  My head says that I should go with them but … I am undecided. I want to give you the chance and hear what you have to say.”

I replied, “Thanks for being so honest and giving me a chance”.

Knowing a bit about him already from our talks over the years, I asked “Ron, when you chose your doctor, did you choose one that saw the most patients?”

He immediately replied, “No, of course not”.

“When you chose your accountant and solicitor, how did you choose them?”

He said, “These are important people, in all cases, I started by speaking to family and friends and did my own research”.

I don’t suppose they had to be the busiest for you to choose them?

He replied “No, that was not my criteria and it would have been a turn-off.  Truth is, I am not after the busiest because that could mean less time to devote to me. I hear what you are saying. But real estate is different. The agents at this company says they have more buyers than you”.

I then replied “You say that you have found a few places that you like and would consider buying.    How did you find those properties?”.

He said, “Like everyone else, online of course at”.

I then said, “Does it matter if the agents selling those properties have sold 1 or 100 properties?”

He looked me as if I had asked him a stupid question.

He blurted out “Of course not!  I am after the property I want and I could not care less if the agent has sold 1 or 100 properties!”

I replied, “Okay, so I presume the same would apply to buyers for your property?”

I then added, “Look Ron, I may not sell the most properties around here. But I have been selling for over 20 years, many in this area and have got great reviews from my clients. You’ve seen them on my website”

The one thing I want to say (as I knew he did not like to be “sold”) is this:

“I may not sell the most properties around here and I know that is the goal of the other company.   That’s okay, as my goal is not to sell the most properties, it is to sell properties for the most. Big difference. What do you want?”

His face went blank and he then broke out with a wry smile as the distinction, dawned on him.

“That’s right!  That’s what I want for my property.  The most.   That I can trust you to do.”

With this realization, he reached out his hands to mine and happily asked, “When can you start?”

*Note: Ron is not his real name, it has been changed for privacy reasons.



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